Survey: Nearly Half of Android Users Think iPhones are More Secure

BY Dave Johnson

Published 17 Aug 2022

A recent survey has revealed that 49 percent of Android users are considering switching to an iPhone due to perceived superiority in security and privacy. 

Several factors — such as memory, display size, cost, and camera — influence our smartphone buying decision. However, a sense of security and privacy seems to be creeping into one of those influencing criteria. 

In a recent survey, the researchers at Beyond Identity surveyed 1,003 Americans on their smartphone security habits and sentiments. Out of this, 498 respondents were iPhone users, while the other 505 used various Android devices. 

The questions are straightforward. The researchers wanted to know which subset was considering switching to another OS due to security. In other words, how safe do users feel with their current smart device? 

The answer is interesting. 

Android Users Believe iPhones Offer More Security and Privacy

Nearly Half of Android Users Think iPhones are More Secure

Source: 2022 Beyond Identity Survey

The survey reveals that current Android device owners in the US are highly likely to consider switching to iOS. 

Forty-nine percent of Android users in the study said they’re considering making the switch due to security and privacy. Meanwhile, the updated iOS 16 features influenced 33 percent of respondents using Android devices to consider switching. The report reads: 

“Apple’s upcoming release of iOS 16 is what led 33% of Android users to consider switching to Apple. The release introduces extreme security features designed to protect users from highly targeted mercenary spyware….”

Also, the respondents reported feeling secure using the iPhone 13 Pro Max instead of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. Indeed, iPhone users were more than twice as likely to say they were using the most secure smartphone ever. 

Android remains the most popular operating system, with over 2.5 billion active users worldwide. Despite its reach, it would seem that more smartphone users prefer iOS due to its perceived security and privacy. 

According to Beyond Identity, iPhone users reported fewer security breaches than Android device owners. They also have more instances of retrieving stolen or lost information after being hacked. Read the complete study here.