Top Annoying iOS 14 Features Apple Fixed in iOS 15

BY Parth Shah

Published 3 Jul 2021

iOS 14 features Apple fixed in iOS 15

Apart from headline features such as Hide My Email, Focus Mode, FaceTime improvement, etc., iOS 15 fixes many little annoyances that are found in iOS 14. Here are some of the annoying iOS 14 features Apple fixed in iOS 15 to level up the overall user experience.

iOS 15 is no ordinary update. It packs more than 70+ features and improvements.

Among them, there are many changes that fix some annoying iOS 14 limitations. Some of these changes might be minor and might not seem like a big deal on paper, but they do have a major impact on overall usability. Let’s talk about them.

1. Check Image EXIF Details in Photos App

This was arguably the most annoying limitation in iOS 14. And we are surprised that it took Apple this long to add an image details button in the Photos app.

Prior to iOS 15, one had to save the phone to the Apple Files app just to check the photo size. iOS 15 fixes all that and offers a small ‘i’ button to check EXIF details of a photo.

see image details

You can check photo size, location, date, time, ISO, image resolution, original source, and more. What’s more? One can edit the date and time as well. You can also select a bunch of photos in the Photos app and bulk edit date and time.

2. Request a Refund for In-App Purchases

This one will finally bring major relief to parents. We have seen kids making big in-app purchases in the absence of parents, and due to a poor refund system, it often leaves parents in a vulnerable situation.

Apple has introduced a new StoreKit API that developers can use to implement a refund button in the app. Users can raise an issue, ask for a refund, and get the money back in less than 48 hours.

This is Apple catching up to Google. The Google Play Store already allows users to ask for a refund within two hours of purchase.

3. FaceTime for Android and PC

Due to COVID-19, video call usage is on the rise. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are surging in popularity, while FaceTime is missing all the action due to its unavailability on Android and Windows.

That all changes with the iOS 15 update. Users can create a FaceTime link, and Android/Windows users can join the action via FaceTime web add-on.

Technically, Apple hasn’t added FaceTime app support on Android or Windows. It will just allow users on these platforms to join a FaceTime call via the web. While it’s not what we asked for, it’s better to have this solution than FaceTime’s complete absence on rival platforms.

facetime for android

4. Temporary iCloud Storage

This is yet another user pain point that Apple addressed with the iOS 15 update. iCloud only comes with 5GB of storage, to begin with. Unless you pay for a higher plan, you are very likely to exceed the limit. The majority of one’s iCloud storage is either taken up by media or iOS backup.

From now on, if you are running low on iCloud storage, Apple will grant you temporary iCloud storage to successfully backup the iOS system data without paying for a higher plan.

5. Prepare for New iPhone

Are you planning to sell your iPhone or handing over the device to a friend or family member permanently?

Instead of manually resetting the device, you can use the Prepare for New iPhone option under Settings > General > Reset menu and let iOS make relevant changes to the system to prepare it for a new owner.

prepare for new iPhone

6. Remove Home Screen Pages

Apple offers an option to hide home screen pages on the iPhone. You can now go ahead and even remove them completely from the home screen. The moment you try to hide the page from the home screen edit menu, iOS 15 will offer you a toggle to remove it.

remove home screen pages

7. Change Text Size Per App

In iOS 14, you can change the text size across all the apps. iOS 15 now allows you to change the text size on a specific app only. Open an app in which you want to make changes. Bring u[ the Control Centre from the upper right corner and long-press on Text Size toggle.

Slide the toggle to the ‘App Only’ option and change the text size from the above option. As mentioned, the text size change will only apply to the opened app in the background. If you don’t see the Text Size toggle in the Control Center, you can enable it from the Settings > Control Centre menu.

change text size per app

8. On Device Siri

This is yet another long-requested feature from users. Prior to iOS 15, one needed access to an active internet connection to use Siri. The behavior is changing with the iOS 15 update.

Users can now summon Siri and complete basic tasks such as setting up reminders, alarms, calling someone, and more. The actions happen offline and on the device, making the Siri assistant faster than before.

9. New Time Picker Menu

This has been yet another annoying iOS 14 feature Apple fixed in iOS 15. That cumbersome scrolling time picker menu is sidelined now. You can simply double-tap on the time and manually add the time to an alarm or event.

This alone should be a worthy update for those accessing the time picker menu frequently on the iPhone.

10. Built-in Authenticator for iCloud Keychain

With iOS 15, iCloud Keychain is one step closer to replacing dedicated third-party password managers and authenticator apps on the iPhone.

If a service supports two-factor authentication, you will notice an option to set it up from the iCloud Keychain menu on the iPhone.

authenticator for iCloud keychain

11. Keep Location Visible When Power off

This is one of the best features of iOS 15. When you power off the iPhone, the device will go into a Power Reserve mode that makes it perform like an AirTag. During Power Reserve mode, your iPhone can be tracked via Find My app on other Apple devices.

This is really handy if someone steals your iPhone and turns it off. You can still track it via the Find My function from the other Apple device. According to Apple, users can track the iPhone event after a factory reset.

12. Wallpaper in Safari Browser

Apple introduced background image support for Safari on macOS Big Sur. Those using Safari on the iPhone were missing the same customization option. With iOS 15, Apple has fixed the gap, and you can enjoy the same wallpaper on a small screen for a seamless experience.

wallpaper in safari browser

That concludes our list of top annoying iOS 14 features Apple fixed in iOS 15.

iOS 15 isn’t limited to iOS 14 fixes only. The update brings many iCloud improvements, new privacy tricks, and a bunch of hidden tweaks to make it a worthwhile upgrade to iPhone users.

Which iOS 14 limitations annoyed you the most? Did Apple fix it with the iOS 15 update? Sound off in the comments below.