palera1n Jailbreak for iOS 15 and 16 Now Available

BY Sriansh

Published 15 Dec 2022

The palera1n team has released a new jailbreak tool for iOS 15 and iOS 16, allowing users to modify their devices and access system files. Apple has always been against the process of jailbreaking, but the release of this new tool provides a way for users to unlock the full potential of their devices.

The palera1n jailbreak for iOS 16 and 15 devices is based on the checkm8 exploit, which was first discovered in 2019. This exploit is considered “unpatchable” since it was found in the bootrom of Apple chips from the A5 to the A11. The company patched the exploit on the newer versions of A-series chips, but it can’t do anything to fix it permanently on older devices.

palera1n Jailbreak Compatible Devices

Nonetheless, the palera1n jailbreak works on any version of the operating system from iOS 15.0 to all the latest iOS 16.2. It is currently unknown if the tool works on iOS 16.3 beta 1, which was released fairly recently. While the checkm8 exploit is found on all iPhones with chips A5 to the A11, the jailbreak is only available on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Additionally, iPad 5, 6, 7, and iPad Pro (1st and 2nd gen) are also supported.

The palera1n jailbreak tool is still in an experimental phase and is intended for developers only. Moreover, the process of using the tool is complex and requires a Linux or Mac computer. Not many tweaks are currently compatible with iOS 16. More information can be found on the tool’s GitHub page.

Overall, the release of the palera1n jailbreak tool for iOS 15 and 16 is good news for those who are enthusiastic about modifying their iOS devices. However, it is important to keep in mind that the tool is still experimental and may not work perfectly. Additionally, only a limited number of devices are supported at this time.