iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 Download Available Now

BY Sriansh

Published 13 Dec 2022

iOS 16.2 beta

After weeks and weeks of beta testing, Apple officially released iOS 16.2 stable version to public users today. You can now download and install the latest iOS 16.2 update, which comes with many new features, on your iPhone.

Apple has not only fixed a lot of bugs but has also added a lot of features with iOS 16.2. The new features include Apple Music Sing, Advanced Data Protection, Freeform app, support for 5G in India, and a lot more. Here are some of the major features that the new version brings:

iOS 16.2 Features

1. Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing on iPhone

iOS 16.2 brings a new feature to the Apple Music app that turns your iPhone into your personal Karaoke device. The Sing feature allows you to sing along to your favorite songs with features like Adjustable vocals, real-time lyrics, background vocals, and duet view. With Apple Music Sing, the user has control over the song’s vocal levels. If they wish, they can sing with the original artist’s vocals, take the lead, or mix it up. The real-time lyrics feature allows users to sing along with their favorite songs with animated lyrics that move along with the music.

2. Advanced Data Protection

iCloud Encryption Backup Announcement

Announced just a couple of days ago, iOS 16.2 allows iPhone users to enable end-to-end encryption for their iCloud Data. You can now manually enable encrypting data from several native Apple apps and services like Device Backup, Messages Backup, iCloud Drive, Notes, Photos, etc. 

If you choose to enable Advanced Data Protection, it means that no one, including Apple, will be able to access the encrypted data. The only way to access the data will be through one of your trusted Apple devices, such as your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This added layer of security ensures that your data remains safe and protected. 

3. Changes to Always on Display on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Up until now, enabling iOS 16.2 dims the lock screen while still displaying the time, widgets, and notifications. However, not all iPhone 14 Pro users love this feature. With iOS 16.2, two new toggles — Show Wallpaper and Show Notifications – have been added to the Always On Display setting. When you disable these toggles and lock your device, the Always On Display will turn pitch black and display the time and widgets rather than dimming the Lock Screen wallpaper. 

4. 5G Support in India

While the iPhone 12 series and later support 5G network connectivity, Apple did not authorize the service in India. Apple promised to enable 5G service on iPhones in India by December and has kept its word. iOS 16.2 enables 5G on iPhone 12 and all newer models in India. 

5. Sleep and Medication Lock Screen Widget

Apple has added two new widgets to the Lock Screen — Sleep and Medication. The Medication widget has two options. The first one is a pill-shaped icon that takes you to the Medication section of the Health app when tapped. The second option shows you a detailed about your medications. This widget will notify you if all of your medications have been logged or if you have no more medications for the day left.

iOS 16.2 Compatibility

iOS 16.2 is compatible with the following iPhones:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • 2020 iPhone SE
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8

Apple has dropped support for many of the older iPhones with this release, including the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and original iPhone SE.

How to Download and Install iOS 16.2

Downloading iOS 16.2 on your iPhone is an easy and seamless process. However, we recommend that before you go ahead and download the OS on your device, you connect the device to a power source. It’s also worth noting that it will take a few minutes to an hour for the update to install on your iPhone since it is over 3/4GB in size. 

Step 1. Once your iPhone is plugged in and connected via Wi-Fi, open the Settings app, and tap on General → Software Update. Your iPhone will automatically check for available updates and will inform you that the iOS 16.2 software update is available for download.

Step 2. The OS will present you with a screen detailing all the new features and improvements coming to your device with the iOS 16.2 update.

Your iPhone will continue to download the update and will send you a notification when the update is ready. Go back to Settings → General → Software Update, and then tap Install Now to install iOS 16.2 on your device.

Have you received the iOS 16.2 update on your device? How’s your experience been with it so far? Which feature did you like the most? Drop a comment down below and let us know!

Source: Apple Releases