Apple Releases 2020 Holiday Ad: ‘The Magic of mini’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 Nov 2020

Apple has released its annual holiday ad on YouTube titled “The magic of mini.” The ad features rapper Tierra Whack using the AirPods Pro to listen to music and uplift her mood. She then arrives home and continues listening to music on the HomePod mini.

A mini-version of the rapper then shows up that further helps in improving her mood and changing the tone of the ad entirely. You can watch the ad which is just over 2-minute long below. Apple highlights the HomePod mini sound quality in the ad as well, with the description stating “A little joy never sounded so big.”

The original HomePod also has a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the ad. If you do manage to spot it, drop a comment and let us know!

What do you think about Apple’s 2020 holiday ad? It is definitely not as emotional as the ad from last year which used an iPad to bring different generations of a family together.