Apple’s AR/VR Headset Could Feature 8K Displays, Eye-Tracking, Debut in 2022

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 4 Feb 2021

apple ar vr headset

Various reports have hinted that Apple has been working on a new AR/VR headset. Just a few days ago, JP Morgan’s analyst claimed that Apple’s AR headset is set to debut in 2022. Now, a new report details what features we could see on Apple’s potentially new product category.

Apple’s Mixed Reality headset could see more than a dozen cameras on it. These cameras, the report claims, would be used for tracking hand movements. The headset would be equipped with two 8K displays and will have cameras inside the eye-flap. The cameras inside the eye-flaps would be used to track eye movements.

Both the cameras, on the outside and inside, would work incoherence to ‘pass’ video of the real world through the visor and display it to the user, creating a mixed reality effect.

The eye-flaps will have a mesh material to give the face some rest, and will be similar to what we’ve already seen on the AirPods Max. The headbands will be swappable, the report claims. The Information also claims that they have seen the image of a “late-stage prototype” of the Apple’s Mixed Reality headset, and have created a render (shown above) based on it.

Apple is said to be working on ‘multiple ways’ of controlling the headset. These ‘ways’ include wearing a “thimble-like device to be worn on a person’s finger.” The device is also said to have a physical dial, similar to Apple Watch’s crown, on the side.

The report also claims that Apple has internally talked about pricing the headset around $3,000. Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens 2 headset, which debuted way back in 2019, retails for $3,500. At last, the report claims that Apple’s looking to ship around 250,000 in its first year of release.

Recently, a report claimed that Apple’s AR headset would be heavy, and expensive.

Our Take

Can Apple’s Mixed Reality headset be the next iPhone or iPad? Even though the company is known to launch its products after a lot of research, numerous product launches have shown that people are still not ‘that’ comfortable with AR and VR. But then, the company is known to take the challenge to ‘normalize’ a new product category.

What are your thoughts on Apple AR/VR headset? What features would you like to see on it? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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