Apple Arcade’s Latest Addition ‘Secret Oops!’ Is an Augmented Reality Party Game

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 31 Jan 2020

Apple Arcade’s latest addition, Secret Oops! seems to be much more than a typical game. Secret Oops! is an AR party game and is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.

The storyline for Secret Oops! is interesting and quirky in some sense. S.P.Y special agency assigns Special Agent Charles to investigate when multiple briefcases disappear across the world. The twist here is that Agent Charles is unimaginably dumb and you need to help him through his journey. As expected, it involves disabling the security system, navigating across the world and also avoiding traps.

The best part is that up to four people can play Secret Oops! Together. Furthermore, they can use the same virtual game board with Apple’s ARkit 3. Secret Oops! is available for download from the app store. The list of AR games on Apple Arcade includes titles like Butter Royale, Kings of the Castle, No Way Home, Doomsday Vault, Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, Towaga: Among Shadows.

Apple Arcade gaming service has been getting a lot of attention since its release. The gaming service will offer 100 exclusive titles that will run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The gaming service is priced very competitively at $4.99/month and this includes family sharing. You can save more by subscribing for an entire year at $49.99. If you buy games separately then it will cost you a whole lot more than Apple Arcade subscription.