Apple Board Gets Hands-on with Mixed Reality Headset; Suggests Launch Is Imminent: Report

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 19 May 2022

VR Headset Pexels

A report earlier this week gave us an inside look at the numerous challenges product designers and engineers faced developing the mixed reality headset at Apple. Now, it appears almost all the challenges have been overcome, and the design is another step closer to mass production.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset was recently shown off to the company’s board. Anonymous sources told Mark Gurman that the company’s board convenes at least four times every year to validate such projects.

The report added that Apple has also stepped up efforts to develop the operating system used on the headset. RealityOS, also called rOS, will play a crucial role in the user experience of the headset once it debuts. Progress in its development alongside the hardware presentation before the company’s board suggests Apple could launch the mixed reality headset soon.

The report claimed that Apple is developing augmented reality (AR) versions of popular iPhone apps. This would serve as a set of usable software experiences the customers could immerse themselves in right from launch day. Understandably, the company is also supporting the development of apps exclusive to the headset. Such content will grow the app ecosystem around the headset and make it a more versatile, usable product. The apps currently in development incuse those which will “handle tasks such as streaming immersive content and holding virtual meetings.”

Although the report doesn’t reiterate the potential launch timeline, previous rumors suggested the headset could be available for purchase sometime in late 2023. The first iteration is expected to be a bulky, powerful, and expensive offering priced at around $2,000. While that would put the headset within reach of only enthusiasts and large-scale developers, it is expected to eventually pave the way for a smaller and lighter design.

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