Apple Car Team Has Lost Several Top Managers In Last Six Months

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Jun 2021

apple car c1

A new Bloomberg report claims that Apple has lost multiple managers from its self-driving team in the last six months.

The report details that Dave Scott, who led the robotics team related to Apple Car, left Apple to join another health care company. Similarly, Jaime Waydo, who led the Apple Car safety and regulations team, left the company to become the COO at a startup that focuses on the safety of autonomous vehicles.

In February, Benjamin Lyon, who helped create Apple’s original car team several years ago and was key in the future project’s development, left to become the chief engineer at Astra, a company developing technology for sending satellites to space.

The Apple Car team still has several high-profile executives that Apple poached from Tesla and other automakers. Still, the attrition rate can be worrying for Apple as the Apple Car could become an increasingly important project for the company in the future.

The Apple Car project has had a tumultuous journey inside the Cupertino company. The project has been shelved and rebooted multiple times, with the company shifting its focus to AR in between. Even now, analysts and reports suggest that the Apple Car is at least half a decade away from its launch at the earliest.

[Via Bloomberg]