Apple Discontinues Space Gray Mac Accessories, Available Only Until Supplies Last

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 15 May 2021

mac space gray accessories

Following iMac Pro’s discontinuation last month, Apple has discontinued Space Gray accessories for Mac. The company now lists accessories like Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse 2 as only available “While supplies last.”

In the past years, Apple’s ‘Space Gray’ color has been a differentiating thing about its products. The slick blackish-grey has been a key selling point for the company, simply because the color gels with everything. But with the introduction of the new M1 iMac with white bezels and colorful options, Apple seems to be shifting away from the ‘Space Gray’ colors.

The Space Gray Magic Mouse 2Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad all now say “While supplies last” in small wording below Need some help text. This means that these accessories will be available only for a limited time and after the accessories in this color are sold out, Apple will offer these accessories only in the silver color option.

In case you’re thinking about why colorful accessories are not available separately, Apple, for now, has decided to sell (provide the option) the colorful variants of the new Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and the new Magic Keyboard only to the new iMac owners. There’s no word if those accessories will be available on a standalone basis, but it’s a future possibility.

Our Take

The discontinuation of Space Gray accessories reflects Apple’s strategy for the upcoming products. Recently introduced M1 iMacs come in new colors with white bezels, and naturally, these Space Gray accessories don’t go along with it. Apple’s headed in a new direction as even the upcoming MacBook Air is expected to come in M1 iMac-like colors.

What are your thoughts about the new iMac colors and Apple’s shift from Space Gray products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!