Ex-Apple Employee Denies Allegations of Leaking Trade Secrets to Media

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 4 May 2021

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Last month, a report broke claiming that Apple sued an ex-employee who was allegedly trading the company’s top secrets to media. Simon Lancaster, the employee who was accused of these allegations, has now formally filed his response to Apple’s charges.

Lancaster has been accused of trading Apple secrets to the media. In the report issued earlier, Lancaster has been charged with the allegation that he misused his “position and trust within the company to systematically disseminate Apple’s sensitive trade secret information to obtain personal benefits.”

Apple claims that Lancaster used the internal information for his own benefit. The company claims that he leaked information regarding Project X to a certain media company he invested in. Moreover, he has been accused of using the documents in his next job at Arris, which, interestingly, is an Apple vendor.


Spotted by Nicholas Ciarelli, Lancaster filed a response to the accusations. In the response, Lancaster has denied that he abused his position to trade leaks and internal information, but, interestingly, he has admitted to some of the charges.

Lancaster admits that he communicated with a reporter covering technology issues regarding Apple products and workplace issues he considered to be of public concern, namely, alleged corruption within Apple’s supply chain and among Apple’s supply chain managers.

Lancaster has confirmed that he indeed asked a media company to post ‘favorable stories’ about a startup he had invested in. But he denies the fact that he exchanged Apple’s internal information. Adding to these comments, he says that he “lacks sufficient knowledge or information to admit or deny” to the allegation about him being the source for the articles published by the reporter that Apple is referring to.