Apple Employees Wearing Police-Grade Body Cams to Prevent Leaks

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Jun 2021

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Apple is purportedly getting some teams inside the company to wear a body camera to cut down on leaks. As per the original report, Apple is making its employees wear “police-grade” body cameras.

Not all teams working inside Apple have to wear body cames, though. Only selected teams that work on upcoming products and other top-secret projects have to wear the body camera. The new security compliance has already been live inside Apple for a few weeks now. Apple is making this move in a bid to further cut down on leaks surrounding its upcoming products.

Apple recently sent legal notices to all renowned Apple leakers in China for sharing information about unreleased and upcoming Apple products. In its notice, Apple says that such leaks can give its competitors an unfair advantage and mislead its customers.

It looks like Apple is trying its best to cut down on product leaks as much as possible. The legal notice from the company itself was enough to get reliable leakers like Kang to say that they will not share as much information about upcoming Apple products as before. Apple now seems to be looking to cut down on the very source of its product leaks by making various teams working on secret projects wear a body camera.

Going by the recent security changes at Apple, we may not see the same amount of product leaks as before. Some Apple employees might feel strongly about wearing body cameras at work, though.

The report comes from Jon Prosser, who has been very unreliable in recent times with regards to Apple leaks. So, it is better to take this report with a pinch of salt until other sources also confirm the same.

[Via FrontPageTech]