Apple Could Hold an Event on March 23 to Announce AirTags and New iPad Pro

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 8 Mar 2021

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Apple is expected to announce the AirTags, the 2021 iPad Pro lineup, third-gen AirPods,  and new M1 iMacs this month. The latest rumors suggest the company could be holding an event on March 23 to unveil these products.

Apple does tend to hold press events in March to announce new products. Last year was an exception as the company simply launched the 2020 iPad Pro lineup via a press release due to the coronavirus outbreak. Like all the other events that Apple held in 2020, though, the one in March will also likely be a virtual one with no physical press briefings and product interaction planned.

Incidentally, OnePlus is also holding an event on March 23 to announce its OnePlus 9 series of smartphones.

Apple is heavily rumored to announce the third-gen. AirPods sooner than later. The iPad Pro lineup is also expected to get a refresh featuring a mini-LED display and 5G connectivity, among other improvements. Apple has discontinued selling the iMac Pro, and most variants of the 21.5-inch iMac are not in stock, which hints at an impending iMac refresh as well. Rumors, however, suggest Apple will launch new iMacs towards the second half of this year.

AirTags are rumored to launch every time Apple is expected to hold a press event. Reports have suggested that Apple has pushed back the release of the AirTags as it believes the time is not right to launch the product. Thus, the AirTags may end up being a no-show in Apple’s March event and are announced later this year alongside the iPhone 12s series.

If Apple is indeed planning on holding an event on March 23, the company should send out virtual invites to the media out within the next few days.

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