Apple Asks Existing iPad mini Users What They Think About Its Screen Size

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Aug 2021

iPad mini render

Apple is rumored to refresh the iPad mini with a larger display later this year. Ahead of that, the company is running a survey asking iPad mini users their thoughts on its display size.

The first question Apple is asking selected iPad mini customers is, “What do you think of the size of the iPad mini 4’s display? Is it too small, just right, or too big?” The available responses include “too small,” “a little bit too small,” “just the right size,” “a bit too large,” and “too large.”

As a part of the survey, Apple asks iPad mini customers what kind of activity they do in portrait or landscape orientation. For example, whether they take notes or listen to music with their iPad mini in landscape or portrait orientation. Apple is also asking iPad mini users what kind of accessories they use with their device and what other devices like a smartwatch, laptops, etc., they own.

Rumors suggest Apple could launch the redesigned iPad mini 6 with a bigger ~8.5 to 9-inch display. It will also feature a USB-C port and an A15 chip. A bigger display on the iPad mini 6 could see Apple do away with the Touch ID-based Home button. Instead, the Touch ID sensor would be integrated into the power button, as seen on the iPad Air 4 last year.

If Apple is indeed going to launch the iPad mini 6 with a bigger display, the survey response is unlikely to have an impact on the final product. The iPad mini 6 is most likely already in the assembly stage or about to enter mass production, so Apple can’t change the display size based on user response now. Nonetheless, the survey response should still give Apple an idea of what existing iPad mini users think about its display size.

Do you think Apple bumping the iPad mini’s display size to 8.5-inch would make the iPad a bit too big? Or do you think the bump in screen size is necessary to keep up with the times? Drop a comment and let us know!

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