Apple Will Fix Ultrawide Display Resolution Issue on M1 Macs with Future macOS Update

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 23 Dec 2020

Recently users complained about display issues on M1 Macs. The problem mostly occurs when the Mac was connected to ultrawide displays. It seems like M1 Mac is yet to support certain specific display resolution.

Apple has acknowledged the issue and says it is working on a fix. We are not sure when the fix will be available. On a related note, Apple recently released the first beta of macOS 11.2, and in all likelihood, the fix will appear on the next iteration.

If you connect an ultrawide or super-ultrawide monitor to your Mac with Apple M1 chip, some resolutions supported by your display may not be available. Apple is aware of this issue and resolution is planned for a future macOS update.

You can check supported display resolutions by heading over to Apple Menu>System Preferences, click displays, then press and hold the Option key as you click Scaled. M1 Powered Macs suffer from a slew of bugs and issues. For instance, the Bluetooth connection is unreliable, compatibility issues with services like Microsoft Teams, Google Backup, Microsoft Edge, Random Reboot issue, and limited external display support.

M1 Powered Macs most definitely offer a superlative performance as opposed to Intel peers. At the same time, the M1 Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air do support 6K Pro display XDR. The caveat is that it can only support one display at a time, which is a massive disadvantage for power users. That said, workarounds are allowing you to connect up to six displays on M1 Mac. If you are facing any issues on M1 Mac, check out our troubleshooting guide.

[via Apple Support Document]