Apple Hiring Engineers to Work on 6G

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Feb 2021

Apple has started hiring engineers to work on 6G mobile networks. The company has posted various job listings for engineers for its offices in Silicon Valley and San Diego to work on 6G.

The job listing states that the people hired for the position will work on and design 6G wireless network. The 6G mobile network standard is yet to be finalised and engineers working on the project at Apple will get the chance to frame the technology by working in close association with other industry experts. Apple joined the alliance that is working on setting the 6G standard and other mobile technologies last year.

“You will have the unique and rewarding opportunity to craft next generation wireless technology that will have deep impact on future Apple products,” according to the job announcement. “In this role you will be at the center of a cutting-edge research group responsible for creating next generation disruptive radio access technologies over the next decade.”

People hired for the positions will “research and design next generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks” and “participate in industry/academic forums passionate about 6G technology.”

Apple only got around to adding 5G network support on the iPhones last year. The company is currently using 5G modem from Qualcomm for this but it is working on its own 5G modem as well. It is expected that by 2022, Apple will start using its own 5G modem inside iPhones and iPads.

As for 6G, the technology is still more than a few years away from public launch as the industry needs to work on first finalising its specifications and then implement it. The 5G network spec was finalised a few years ago but it is only now that mobile operators worldwide are rolling it out aggressively.

[Via Bloomberg]