Apple Holiday Gift Guide is Out—What’s on Your Wish List?

BY Tris Hussey

Published 13 Nov 2012

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Have you been naughty or nice? Better think on that because the Apple gift guide is out and there are lots of things that would be great gifts for any Apple fan.

Oh the holidays. What to get for the Apple fan in your life, or put on your own wish list, Apple tries to make it easy with their new Apple Store online gift guide (I’ll have one of each, thank you).

From Apple’s suggestions here are some of the things that caught my eye:

Blue Microphones Spark Digital Mic. I do so love my Blue mics (I have a Yeti and Snowball), I’d love the Mikey too…just saying

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. This is a cool, cool thing and there are a couple parks nearby where I could fly it. One of these also figured in William Gibson’s Zero History (Gibson lives in my neighborhood and I still haven’t managed to meet him).

Apple TV.Yeah, now I think I can really put it to use. I’ve had the Apple TV on and off my wish list for a while. I think now is the time to get one.

Jawbone Jambox. Right now I play my music at my desk through a pair of decent desktop speakers designed for a laptop. Which means my iPad or iPhone is tethered to the speakers with a wire. Wires were so early 21st century…

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. Yeah I have the ZAGG folio and Apple Wireless keyboard with the Origami Workstation (highly, highly recommended, BTW), but I’ve heard such great things about this keyboard. Then I could give my wife my ZAGG folio…since she does a lot more typing on her iPad than her MacBook Air and only really switches to the Air to write longer emails.

That’s my top five—for now—how about you? What’s on your wish list. Well besides a tricked out new 27″ iMac, since that will be available in December.