Report: Apple Continues to Dominate Tablet Market, Shipped Over 12 Million iPads Last Quarter

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 30 Jul 2021

2021 iPad Pro M1 wallpaper

According to a new report from IDC, Apple sold over 12.9 million iPads in Q2 2021. The number of iPads Apple sold in Q2 2021 is more than the combined number of tablets Samsung and Amazon sold during the same quarter.

Apple has marked once again marked its dominance in the tablet market space. The company has sold a record number of iPads last quarter. During the company’s earnings call this week, Tim Cook claimed the ‌iPad‌ had its best June quarter in nearly a decade.

The company reported a 1.12x increase in iPad sales revenue, up from $6.6 billion to $7.4 billion in Q3 2021.

According to the report from IDC, Apple shipped nearly 12.9 million iPads last quarter. During the same quarter, Samsung shipped 8 million tablets and had 19.6% of market share, whereas Amazon shipped 4.3 million tablets and had 10.7% of market share.

IDC claims that the tablet market space is expected to experience a slowdown even though the numbers are booming right now.

“Opportunities in the education market are still ample (..). Online learning has gained rapid traction and has pushed forward the digital revolution in the learning space,” said Anuroopa Nataraj, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers.”

The company introduced its new iPad Pro earlier this Spring, giving it the same chip as the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Moreover, Apple is tipped to introduce a new iPad mini later this year. The iPad is said to be bringing iPad Pro-like screen with smaller bezels and no Touch ID Home Button.

With the new iPad coming up and the holiday season just a couple of months away, iPad sales are said to increase even further.

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