Apple Adjusts Trade-in Value across iPhone, iPad, Macs, iMac and Mac Mini

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 5 Apr 2021

iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4 XL

Apple keeps on adjusting trade-in value for almost all devices including iPhone and iPad. Typically the trade in value of iPhone decreases as and when new iteration is released. Apple has once again changed trade-in value accross iPhone, iPad and also the Mac lineup.

Apple offers store credit for customers upgrading to new devices. In other words, the credit can be used agains purchase of new Apple device. Generally speaking, third party retailers offer a better trade-in value and discounts over MSRP. That said, the exact trade-in value is only decided after inspecting the device. Interestingly, Apple offers trade-in for some Android devices as well. Previously, Apple updated the trade-in prices in December last year.

The best trade-in value for iPhone 11 Pro Max is now $515 as opposed to $500. iPhone 11 Pro tradein value has increased slightly from $460 to $465. Moving on, the iPhone 11 trade-in value has gone up by $20 to $380 while the iPhone 6s has also seen an appreciation of $60 and the maximum value is now $65.

Apple encourages Android users to jump the ship and offers trade-in for select devices. Recently the company extended list of Android phones eligible for trade-in. It now includes Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

iPad Pro trade-in value has seen a significant increase of $45 and currently stands at $580. On the otherhand, trade-in value for iPad has gone down by $15 and is now $235. Apple has decreased the value of discontinued MacBook by $40 to 340 while the iMac Pro maximum value is now $2,640 translating to $100 decrease. Meanwhile, the iMac has also seen a value reduction of $130 which brings it down to $1050. Apple has also decreased the value of Mac mini from $830 to $770. Check out all the devices supported by Apple’s trade-in option by heading over to Apple’s trade-in website.