Apple’s M1 Ultra Chip Beats 28-Core Intel Mac Pro in Leaked Benchmark

BY Anu Joy

Published 9 Mar 2022

At its Peek Performance event, Apple announced the M1 Ultra chip, which basically interconnects two M1 Max SoCs using UltraFusion to deliver an even higher level of performance. The company made some bold claims about its performance inside the Mac Studio, including stating that it is up to 60 percent faster than the 28-core Mac Pro. If a leaked benchmark is anything to go by, Apple’s claims seem to be true.

Geekbench scores of the Mac Studio powered by the M1 Ultra have made their way to the internet, and its scores are notably higher than the 28-core Intel-based Mac Pro.

The Mac Studio managed a single-core score of 1793 and a multi-core score of 24055 in the benchmark. To compare, the high-end ‌28-core Intel Mac Pro‌ has a single-core score of 1152 and a multi-core score of 19951. That makes the ‌M1‌ Ultra 56 percent faster than the 28-core ‌Mac Pro‌, verifying Apple’s claims. The ‌M1‌ Ultra is 21 percent faster when it comes to multi-core performance.


What’s impressive is that the Mac Studio manages such outstanding scores despite being significantly more compact and power-efficient than the Mac Pro. There are plenty of other benchmarks and scenarios where the M1 Ultra is yet to flex its muscle, but going by the track record of Apple silicon chips so far, it is unlikely to disappoint.

Although these results are quite impressive, they should be taken with a grain of salt as Geekbench 5 results don’t always accurately reflect real-world performance. Moreover, this is just one benchmark. We will likely see how the M1 Ultra performs in the real world when the Mac Studio releases on March 18.

[Via MacRumors]