Apple M2 Max Benchmark Scores Leak, Reveals Rumored Specs & Performance

BY Sriansh

Published 30 Nov 2022

M2 Chip

Geekbench benchmark scores of the upcoming Apple M2 Max chipset have leaked online, revealing the upcoming chipset’s specs and performance.

Apple is rumored to launch the M2 Max and M2 Pro MacBook Pro models next year. While the company was expected to announce these new MacBook Pro models this year, the launch was delayed at the last moment. A newly leaked Geekbench benchmark has revealed the performance and specific details of the upcoming Apple silicon processor.

The leaked benchmark scores are of a Mac with an ‌M2‌ Max chip with a 12-core CPU clocked at up to 3.54GHz and 96GB of RAM. It was first spotted on Twitter, and the Mac identifier has been listed as “Mac14,6,” meaning it could be the upcoming Mac Studio and not the MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro models are currently limited to 64GB of memory, while Mac Studio with an M1 Ultra chip can be configured with up to 128GB, though it could change in forthcoming models.

In the benchmark test, the ‌M2‌ Max chip scored 1,853 in single-core and 13,855 in multi-core. Comparatively, the Mac Studio’s M1 Max scored 1,755 in the single-core test and 12,333 in the multi-core test. This means the M2 Max chip is only about 14% faster than the M1 Max chip, and the performance increase for the upcoming chip will be relatively minor if the M2 Max chip results are to be believed.

Apple introduced the second-generation M-series chipset with the launch of the M2 MacBook Air earlier this year. While the chipset offers significant upgrades over the M1 chipset, the same gains are not expected for the Pro and the Max models. 

Via: Twitter