Apple Introduces New AirTag Loops and Keyring on Amazon

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 22 Jul 2021

Apple has introduced new colors for AIrTag accessories. Surprisingly, the accessories with new colors are available on the Amazon and not the Apple online store. The standard AirTag loop is now available in two new colors pink citrus and capri blue. Apple has also introduced leather keyrings and leather loops in a variation of Yellow called Mayer Lemon.

The standard AirTag loops in the new colors are priced at $29 and will be available in late August. Furthermore, the Mayer Lemon leather loop is priced at $39, while the leather key ring retails at $35. AirTag accessories on the Amazon are listed as “in stock soon.” It looks like Amazon is working on stocking the inventory before the sale begins.

Strangely enough, this is the first time Apple has launched products exclusively on Amazon. Apple online store almost always gets the first batch of new products. Even the new colors are something that we have not seen on previous Apple accessories. Another possibility is that Amazon might have jumped the gun and listed the new AirTag accessories prematurely. If this is true, the new accessories could be listed on before the sales have begun.

MagSafe silicone iPhone case is already available in Capri blue and pink citrus. In other words, the new AirTag loops will match the color with existing accessories. However, Apple doesnt offer an iPhone 12 silicon case in Mayer Lemon color. This makes us wonder, will the iPhone 12 get a new Mayer Lemon-colored silicon case? Last time we saw the color for the iPhone 11 Pro leather case and Apple Watch Series 5 leather loop band. Did you like the new colors? Let us know in the comments below.