Apple Could Owe You $3 for Forcing You to Upgrade Your iPhone to iOS 7

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 26 Jul 2021

Back in 2014, iPhone, iPad users running iOS 6 were abruptly cut off from FaceTime. They were not able to make FaceTime video calls and presumed it to be a technical issue. Apple informed users they had to update to iOS 7 for FaceTime to work again. If you are still fuming over Apple for forcing you to update to iOS 7 here is some good news, a class-action suit has ordered the company to pay out $18-million in damages.

Before you start making plans on spending the money just know that the $18 million payout translates to $3.06 per user. Thanks to the payout, you can now get your hands on iPhone 12 for just $696! In 2014 Apple implemented some changes to FaceTime. This was done to comply with a ruling that Apple infringed on some patents. Soon enough, the company realized that alternative providers are expensive. Apple fixed this issue by coming up with its back-end setup for FaceTime. On the flipside it FaceTime now required iOS 7 to run.

To make matters worse, iOS 7 featured a drastic change in UI and bugs that dissuaded some users from upgrading to the latest iOS. As part of the court ruling, Apple now has to pay $3.06 for every individual affected by this move. Perhaps Apple is now remorseful of what it did to FaceTime years ago. While the $3 payout sounds insignificant, it is a victory for complainants. The class-action suit was filed in 2017 and Apple agreed to compensate in April 2021.

Those who have to lead the class suit will be paid up to $7,500 each. However, we need to keep in mind the Class members had to appear in court for every hearing held in the past four years. This makes us wonder whether class action suits benefit lawyers more than the plaintiffs.

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