Apple Could Partner with Kia Instead of Hyundai for Apple Car Production

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 19 Jan 2021

Apple Self Driving Car Project

The Apple Car project has reportedly been handed over to Kia from Hyundai. The report also details that the production could start in the United States if the deal goes ahead.

A new report from the Korean website eDaily details Apple’s plan for the ambitious car project. The report highlights that the project has been handed over to the Korean car maker Kia from Hyundai. It was earlier believed that the car project would be handed to Hyundai, with Apple and Hyundai signing a deal by this March.

“It is known that the Hyundai Motor Group (005380), which received a proposal from Apple for electric vehicle-related cooperation, has internally arranged that Kia ( Kia Motors (000270) ) is in charge of this project. If Kia decides to do this, the Apple car production base will be at Kia’s Georgia plant in the US.”

The report details that the discussions around the “Apple Car cooperation” project were held this Tuesday, between Apple and Kia. Kia has reportedly confirmed that if the deal goes through, the production will be held in Kia’s West Point plant in Georgia, USA. The report also says that making the car in the United States will “facilitate cooperation with Apple.”

There’s no detail on when the production could start. The report only highlights that if both the companies sign the deal, the car would then be manufactured in the States. This comes after the company tried to sign Hyundai for the project.

All the details of the car have emerged after Apple, reportedly, achieved a breakthrough in battery technology. Though analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo have said that the car won’t be ready up until 2025-2027, some acquiring have hinted something else. It was recently found that Cupertino-based giant discussed investing in an electric car company Canoo. Yesterday, a brilliant concept of Apple’s in-car infotainment system emerged showing us what Apple’s in-car display could look like.

Our Take

It’s too early to say if the ambitious Apple car project will see the light of the day or not. Apple could altogether be partnering with the automobile manufacturers to test its software, and its in-car systems, or it might be an entirely different story.

What are your expectations from Apple’s Car? What features do you expect from it? Do let us know in the comment section below.