Apple’s Podcasts Subscription Gets Off to Bumpy Start

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 18 Aug 2021

It is no secret that Apple has led the evolution of podcasts. Recently the company announced a premium Podcast subscription. This was one of the most significant changes to the Podcast app since its inception. The excitement around Apple’s Podcast service has now subdued, giving way for user complaints.

Creators seem to have a flurry of complaints against podcasts. Primarily they say it has failed them in more than one way. Apple makes it mandatory for creators to use Apple Podcasts Connect to offer subscriptions. The Apple Podcast Connect features a complicated user interface with lots of room for error, according to creators. Due to repeated issues, creators have to keep on contacting Apple.

One podcaster told TheVerge that his entire show was archived until Apple helped him understand the situation. In scenarios like this, the Podcasters could not only suffer a loss of revenue, but the brand value takes a hit too. Even the latest updated app is said to be plagued with bugs.

Apple Podcasts Subscription Bugs

A few months back, an auto-download bug caused a 31 percent drop in downloads. Many people missed new episodes due to the bug. Apple issued a new update to fix the auto-download bug. However, the April update arrived with its own set of problems. Users complained about how their libraries were filled with Podcasts they have already listened to.

Typically creators upload podcast episodes across multiple platforms, including Spotify, Patreon, and others. However, Apple Podcast offers a half-baked integration. In other words, it isn’t easy to upload paid podcasts to Apple. A majority of complaints blame Apple for not thinking about smaller independent creators.

Podcast creators are also facing issues uploading episodes to Apple. Firstly, they had to wait for hours for the upload to get processed. Meanwhile, the creators were able to upload their content on Patreon within five minutes. It looks like Apple has messed up the Podcast subscription service. We only hope that the company addresses this issue at the earliest.

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