Report: Apple’s Software Quality Improved Significantly in 2020

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 1 Feb 2021

Jason Snell from Six Colors has published an annual report on Apple’s performance across various areas. A panel consisting of writers, editors, podcasters, and developers compiled the report. All of them are end-users and keen observers of the Apple Ecosystem.

Snell’s Annual report asked the panel to vote for Apple’s performance across 12 subjects. Furthermore, they have to rate from 1 to 5 and offer a commentary over each voted category. This year Apple transitioned to M1 Mac, and thus the software quality score has spiked considerably. The commentators were asked to evaluate and score Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Apple TV, Services, HomeKit, HW reliability, SW quality, Dev relations, Environ, and Wearables.

Mac and Apple Software Score

As expected, Mac’s score jumped from 3.6 to 4.7%. It is also the most significant jump in recent years. Interestingly, Apple’s software quality score has also increased. It has moved from 2.7 to 3.5, translating into a 30% increase. That said, the panelists say Apple still needs to work on the software front.

Scores for Apple’s software quality were all over the place. It was a great grade leap from 2019, which was a rough one for iOS and macOS alike. (And when you look at the history of this score, it’s clear that Apple has taken a “tick-tock” approach to its software.) But while some panelists felt Apple turned things around and started going in the right direction, others were still vexed by software problems. Still, even the more positive observers seem to have the attitude that Apple has plenty more work to do on software before they’re satisfied.

iPhone Score

iPhone has garnered a score of 4.3, which is a considerable improvement over last year’s 4.0. Panelists reacted positively to iPhone 12 redesign and also mentioned ’rounded design’ offers better ergonomics. The RAWPro format was well received by photographers.

[via Six Colors]