Next-Generation Apple TV to Feature Integrated HomePod Speaker and Video Camera

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 12 Apr 2021

Apple TV 4K

A new report from Bloomberg claims that Apple is working on a product that would combine the next-generation Apple TV, a HomePod speaker, and a web camera into one single product.

The new smart home product would combine “an Apple TV set-top box with a HomePod speaker and include a camera for video conferencing,” says the report. Mark Gurman also says that the video camera could also be used for “other smart home functionalities,” although he doesn’t dwell on what could we expect.

“The device’s other capabilities would include standard ‌Apple TV‌ box functions like watching video and gaming plus smart speaker uses such as playing music and using Apple’s Siri digital assistant.”

Apple discontinued its HomePod following the disappointing sales last month. The company says that it will focus on its mini version, the HomePod mini, and has since combined Apple TV and HomePod divisions. HomePod mini has been praised for its excellent sound quality.

Apple HomePod With Touch Screen

homepod touch screen

The product is still in its early stages of development, and there’s no word on when we could expect the device to be announced. The report also says that Apple is working on a smart home speaker with a touch screen to compete with Google Nest Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show.

The report claims that the device would “combine an iPad with a HomePod speaker and also include a camera for video chat.” Apple has also explored opportunities connecting the iPad to the speaker with a robotic arm to follow the user around the room. Amazon has a similar device, known as Echo 10, which has a tablet connected to the robotic arm and has facial recognition for several functionalities.

Both the products are still very much a concept and could be killed even before they see the light of the day, claims the report. Apple is expected to release a new Apple TV this year, though not with a combined HomePod speaker and web camera. 2021 Apple TV is expected to feature a faster processor and a new remote.

Are you looking forward to buying next-generation Apple TV? Would the inclusion of a HomePod speaker and video camera boost Apple TV sales? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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