This Is How the Apple AR/VR Headset Could Actually Look Like

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 10 Feb 2021

Recent renders revealed quite a bit about Apple’s VR/AR headset. However, the renders were very basic. Now a designer has come up with a render that looks great and shows off the design in detail.

The previous render was more of a two-dimension sketch covering only the side profile. Designer Antonio De Rosa’s render is based on the previous one but covers AR/VR headset from different angles. De Rosa’s render looks more like a marketing material. Furthermore, Apple’s AR/VR glasses are named “Apple View” in the render. The above render shows off Apple AR glasses inside view and reveals elements like elastic headband and design consistent with other Apple products. Apple’s AR glasses are expected to be priced at $3000.

Apple’s AR/VR glass is based on the premise of offering lightweight glass with a built-in display and an augmented reality view. In other words, the user will see real-world images with an overlay of augmented reality elements.

Just today, we learned that Apple is secretly working with TSMC on micro OLED displays meant for Apple Glasses. The micro OLED is fabricated directly on wafers to make it better than traditional OLED and reduce power consumption. It is currently in the trial production stage and might take years for mass production. Apple will allow users to insert prescription lenses into the AR headset.

Apple’s AR/VR headset could be controlled via a “thimble-like device to be worn on a person’s finger.” In all likelihood, it will also feature a dial-like control similar to the one on Apple Watch. One reports claim the headset would be priced at $1000. Another report says the price could go up to $3000. If the second report is accurate, then the Apple VR/AR headset is meant for a niche market and might sell in limited numbers.

[via ADRosa]