Apple Watch Chief Kevin Lynch Now Assigned to Apple Car Project

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 16 Jul 2021

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Apple Car project has witnessed multiple leadership change in the past. According to a new report by Insider, Kevin Lynch is joining the Apple Car team. Kevin Lynch is known for his association with Apple Watch.

Multiple sources within Apple have told Insider that Kevin Lynch is being tapped into the Apple Car project. He is currently Apple’s VP of technology and is best known for overseeing health features on Apple Watch. If the report is accurate, then Lynch will start focussing on Apple Car development. However, his position as VP of technology will remain unchanged.

Last year Apple appointed AI and machine learning chief John Giannandrea to oversee Apple Car development. The previous report claimed that the Apple Car project had been affected by leadership issues. Meanwhile, Evan Doll, Apple’s director of health software engineering, will fill in for Lynch in Apple Watch and Apple Health teams.

Lynch will be stepping back from Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams’ health staff, a team of health VPs that includes Dr. Sumbul Desai, head of care delivery and regulatory, Myra Haggerty, who leads algorithms, Eugene Kim, head of watch hardware, and other critical drivers of the health strategy.

Evan Doll, a director of health software engineering, will replace Lynch on the staff, one of the people said. While Doll will continue to report to Lynch, Lynch’s absence on that team, home to the organizaton’s decisionmakers, means he’ll be less tangibly involved in health strategy, two of the people said.

Our Take

Apple Car project is still in the early stage, and we could only see a finished product by 2025. Previously, the team has lost several top-ranking managers. However, Apple is actively recruiting for developing self-driving technology and recently hired BMW’s top executive Ulrich Kranz.

[via Business Insider]