Apple Watch Could Gain Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitoring Next Year

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 May 2021

Apple could potentially add blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood alcohol monitoring to a future version of the Apple Watch. The company has partnered with the British company Rockley Photonics that has developed sensors for reading multiple signals from blood. These signals can typically only be read using medical equipment.

Documents in Rockley Photonics’s listing documents reveal that Apple is its biggest client, with the two companies having an ongoing “supply and development agreement.” So far, Rockley Photonics’s tech has not made its debut in a consumer device. However, the company’s CEO Andrew Rickman expects that to change by next year, though he did not mention if this would be in an Apple device. Given that Apple is Rockley’s biggest client, the answer is pretty obvious here.

The current-gen Apple Watch can measure one’s heart rate, Spo2, ECG, and stress levels. It has been heavily rumored that Apple is working on bringing non-invasive blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch. Some rumors indicated this would happen with the debut of the Apple Watch Series 7 this year itself, but going by Rickman’s comments, it looks like the feature has been pushed back to 2022. Apple was among the first companies to bring ECG capabilities to a wearable, and it looks like it might just be the first to bring blood sugar and pressure monitoring as well.

Will you be interested in buying an Apple Watch with non-invasive blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring? Do you think such a capability will make the Apple Watch indispensable for many? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via The Telegraph]