AppleCare+ Now Covers Two Incidents of Accidental Damage Every 12 Months

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Sep 2020

AppleCare Plus

Apple has updated AppleCare+ plan for all eligible devices to include coverage for two cases of accidental damage every 12 months. Previously, the company only covered one incident of accidental damage every year for two years under the plan.

The updated AppleCare+ policies are eligible for the new Apple Watch, iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Additionally, Apple has also lowered the deductible fees to $149 for Theft or loss for iPhones with AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss plans. The company previously charged anywhere between $149 to $269, but that has now been reduced to $149 for all types of iPhones.

It is not immediately clear but it looks like the updated benefits are only for new AppleCare+ purchases and do not cover existing plans.

Apart from accidental damage, AppleCare+ also covers battery service if it retains less than 80 percent of its capacity within two years. Depending on which Apple product you own and get AppleCare+ for, its warranty is also extended by another year or two years after the initial standard warranty expires

The updated AppleCare+ benefits are available in most countries where AppleCare+ is available including the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. The change comes just a month after Apple allowed customers up to a year to purchase AppleCare+ protection plan for their Apple products, up from the previous 60-day window.

Our Take

With these new changes, Apple is definitely offering more value to its customers with AppleCare+. Even if you feel that AppleCare+ is a bit too expensive to purchase outright, you can always buy it in monthly installments.