Apple’s Secret Car Project Being Rebooted; Dozens of Employees Laid Off

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Sep 2016

Apple Car Render from Motor Trend

NYTimes reports that Apple is rethinking its plans for its self-driving cars as it has shut down several parts of the project and laid off dozens of employees. 

Employees who were laid off were told by Apple that it was a part of the “reboot” of the car project. The reason behind this reboot remains unclear, but the report details that the team working on Apple’s secret project was unable to find ways and explain how the company’s self-driving car could stand out by offering something that other companies could not.

Apple started seriously working on its secret self-driving car project, dubbed Titan, a couple of years ago. During this period, the company hired some high profile executives for the project. When Steven Zadesky, who was leading the Apple Car project, left the company earlier this year due to some personal reasons, the Cupertino company called in Bob Mansfield to lead the project. Mansfield had previously worked with Steve Jobs before leaving the company in 2013.

There is some good news as well though; Apple has reportedly made some headway into the self-driving car space. It has a number of self-driving car prototypes in testing.

Apple has also made some headway in the space. The company has a number of fully autonomous vehicles in the middle of testing, using limited operating routes in a closed environment, according to people briefed on the company’s plans.

Previous reports from earlier this year have also indicated that Apple’s secret autonomous car project has run into trouble. The car reportedly has a deadline of 2020, but these issues are likely going to affect its release date.

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