The 10 Best iOS 11 Features for iPad

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 5 Jun 2017

iOS 11 features iPad Featured

iOS 11 finally provided some much-needed updates to the iPad. With the new iOS update, Apple has overhauled the multitasking system, added drag and drop feature and even introduced a file system of sorts.

While iOS 11 won’t be released to the general public until Fall of 2017, Apple has released developer betas for iOS 11. We don’t recommend you install them though. Just read our overview of iPad related iOS 11 features instead.

1. New Dock

ios 11 ipad features 8

The first thing you’ll see on iOS 11 is the new Dock. It’s no longer limited to just 6 apps. The Dock itself now has a floating design and isn’t docked to the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to drag in a lot more apps and folders down here. Plus, on the right you’ll see apps that Siri has added intelligently.

2. Entirely New Multitasking System

We’ve finally seen an update to the multitasking system in iOS 11. You don’t start multitasking by bringing in Slide Over.

Now, when you’re in an app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Dock (instead of Control Center).

ios 11 ipad features 4

Drag an app from here on to the screen and release your finger and it will float on top, in a narrow mode.

ios 11 ipad features1

You can put it on the left or right edge. Swipe down from the top of the preview and the app will be docked. Then you can use the divider to change the width of the app.

ios 11 ipad features 2

3. New App Switcher

There’s also an entirely new App Switcher that integrates apps, spaces, Control Center and the Dock. Swipe all the way to the middle of the screen to reveal it.

ios 11 ipad features 7

The really cool thing here is that Apple has brought Spaces to the iPad. You can now run multiple instances of two apps running side by side and App Drawer will remember that and show it as preview.

To close an app, you need to tap and hold till you get the X close button.

4. Drag and Drop

ios 11 ipad features 6

There’s also drag and drop support. This works when you have two apps open side by side. Tap and hold connect like link or image and just drag it to another app. It’s that simple.

5. Files App

iOS 11 iPad Files app

Apple has done the unthinkable. iOS 10 comes built-in with a new Files app. It shows all the user files related to apps. It will also show files from cloud storage services like Dropbox.

6. Easy Screenshot Markup

ios 11 ipad features 3

When you take a screenshot, you’ll see a little preview of the image in the bottom-left corner. Tap on it and you’ll directly get into the Mark up mode. Here, you’ll be easily able to crop the image, doodle over it and more right there. Then tap the Share button to send to a contact in iMessage or export it in another app.

7. Notes App Overhaul With Apple Pencil

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Notes app seems a big overhaul in iOS 11. First of all, it’s also updated to the new design language with bold typography. The note text typography is also new.

If you use the Notes app with Apple Pencil to take notes, you’ll be able to find them using Spotlight Search now as Apple has handwriting recognition.

Another really cool feature is that when you’re on the Lock screen, just tap the screen with your Apple Pencil to directly open your most recent note.

8. Inline Drawing in Notes and Mail

ios 11 ipad features 4

With your Apple Pencil, you’ll now be able to just start drawing where there’s empty space in Notes or Mail app. When you’re done, tap the Done button and you’ll go back to the text entry mode.

9. Scan Documents in Notes App

ios 11 ipad features 1

Notes app now has a document scanner built-in. In a note, tap the + button and tap Scan Document. Hold a paper against the iPad camera and it will be highlighted. The document will be imported after being properly cropped and lighted. You can then use your Apple Pencil to write over it.

10. QuickType Keyboard with Flick Gesture

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Every letter on the iOS 11 keyboard has an alternative character. The top row being numeric keyboard and other keys have common punctuation marks. Just flick your finger in a downward motion to type the alternative character instead. Super fast and super useful.

The Other iPhone Features

iOS 11 features iPhone Featured

These are just the iPad exclusive features in iOS 11. You’ll also have access to the general iOS features like the App Store redesign, screen recording, the new iMessages App Drawer, new SiriKit apps and more. Read more about it in our feature about iOS 11 features for iPhone.

Do these update get you excited about the iPad again? Are you reconsidering getting the iPad for doing work? Share your thoughts about the iPad related iOS 11 features in comments below.