New Report Highlights Multiple ‘Candidates’ Who Might Manufacture Apple Car

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 10 Feb 2021

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A new report from Bloomberg details multiple automotive manufacturers who might partner with Apple for its ambitious car project.

Even though Apple Car is still a few years away, the company is looking all geared-up for the project. The huge amount of leaks over the last months have suggested that the car might be a reality sooner than later. With Kia and Hyundai out of the equation, Apple is now, reportedly, looking towards other car manufacturers for its car project. A new report from Bloomberg today discusses potential manufacturers Apple could partner with.

  • Foxconn

Surprisingly enough, the first one on the list is Foxconn. Even though the company has no experience in manufacturing automobiles, the report cites that Foxconn already has a ‘close relationship with Apple.’ Foxconn has already introduced its electric vehicle chassis and software platform designed to ‘help carmakers bring models to market faster.’ Foxconn is also aiming to release a solid-state battery by 2024, the year in which Apple Car would enter production (supposedly).

  • Manga

The report claims that Magna might be a perfect fit for Apple since the company already has some experience in contract manufacturing. Apple, just like all their products, wants control over the car, and just wants a manufacturer to produce it. This is the reason why talks between Kia and Apple halted because both the companies wanted ‘the charge’ of the car.

  • Nissan

The report also suggests that Nissan might be a potential Apple car manufacturer, though ‘it’s seen as a long shot.’ The company has had a slump in its revenue, and could ‘get much-needed revenue from helping Apple develop or manufacture its vehicle.’ Nissan’s CEO Makoto Uchida also said during an earnings news conference that Nissan “has the DNA to do things others won’t do.”

  • Stellantis

Though unheard of, Stellantis might be a key candidate for manufacturing Apple Car. Its CEO Carlos Tavares said that Stellantis is open to working with Apple or any tech company on EVs, “as long as it doesn’t create any technology dependence” that would jeopardize the automaker’s future.

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[Via Bloomberg]