Car Crash Detection iPhone 14 Feature Mistakingly Calling 911 During Roller Coaster Rides

BY Sriansh

Published 10 Oct 2022

Apple announced the iPhone 14 series with a new car crash feature. It, however, appears that roller coaster rides are accidentally triggering this feature and calling emergency services. While Apple claims the car crash detection feature uses an advanced algorithm and over a million hours of crash data, it seems that roller coaster rides in amusement parks are being taken as false positives and triggering calls to emergency services.

The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern and Coaster101 have reported that Kings Island and Dollywood amusement parks have seen an increase in murmurs of users carrying iPhone 14 and the latest Apple Watch that their device is triggering crash detection.

While Kings Island has seen Crash Detection triggered falsely by the park’s roller coasters at least six different times, Dollywood amusement park has put up a signboard asking people not to bring the devices on rides or power them down.

Dollywood Roller Coaster iPhone 14 Crash Detection Signboard

Roller Coaster iPhone 14 Crash Detection Fix 

There is no official fix available for the issue right now, but users have come up with a workaround, so roller coaster rides don’t trigger this issue on iPhone 14. While you can always leave your iPhone 14 behind, users have also reported that turning on Airplane mode doesn’t trigger the issue.

So, if you’re going on a roller coaster ride with your iPhone 14 in your pocket, we would recommend you turn on Airplane mode. Otherwise, your iPhone may contact the local emergency services without you noticing it. You can also turn off the feature entirely by going to Settings → Emergency SOS → Call After Severe Crash

Apple hasn’t directly acknowledged the claims; it says the feature has been built to “provide peace of mind, and [it] will continue to improve it over time.” 

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