iPhone 14 Holds Value Best Among Latest Flagship Smartphones

BY Sriansh

Published 6 Apr 2023

iOS 16.4 iPhone 14 Pro

According to a new report from SellCell, iPhone 14 retains its value better than its Android counterparts from Samsung and Google.

The report from SellCell compared depreciation data for the latest flagship smartphones from all three companies, including the iPhone 14 lineup, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, and the Google Pixel 7 series. The iPhone 14 series held onto its value the best, retaining close to 70% of its value, while the Pixel 7 and Galaxy S23 series smartphones had an average 40% lower resale price. 

The study found that the latest iPhones saw a drop in value of 32.3% in the first month compared to 41.1% and 43.1% for the Galaxy S23 and Pixel 7 device averages, respectively. However, after two months, the report found that iPhone values actually improved, while Galaxy and Pixel values continued to decline. 

iPhone 14 Pixel 7 Samsung S23 value

The iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB in “Like New” condition had an impressive depreciation of just 13.6% after two months. On the other hand, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 1TB in “Good Condition” lost 55.6% of its value two months after launch. The weakest performer was Google’s Pixel 7 line, which saw an average loss of 43.1% across all models in the first month and 45.9% after two months.

The report also reveals that the iPhone 13 lineup held onto its value even better than the iPhone 14 lineup, with an average depreciation of only 23.4% after two months compared to the iPhone 14’s 31%. While the reason for this difference is not entirely clear, it could be due to the fact that there are not many significant changes between the base models of the iPhone 13 and 14. As a result, users who are satisfied with the base model may opt for the iPhone 13, which could contribute to its better value retention.

Source: SellCell