Check out This Cool Holiday Season Easter Egg on the Apple Store App

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 6 Dec 2021

apple store app let it snow Easter egg

The holiday season has begun and Apple has returned with an Easter egg on the Apple Store App. Users can enjoy it by typing “let it snow” in the search bar on the app.

First spotted by Appleosophy, users worldwide can see a shower of snowflakes on the Apple Store App if they type “let it snow” in the search bar. Another fun element can be triggered by shaking your device. It will cause the snow to whirl around like in a snow globe!

Apple began adding Easter eggs at a time when it was atypical for companies to incorporate such quirks in apps and event keynote invitations. For example, since Apple introduced an iPhone sporting a LiDAR scanner, all event invitations have an easter egg teasing an upcoming feature of an Apple product.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the “let it snow” Easter egg has been featured on the Apple Store. In fact, it is making a comeback after its last appearance in 2017.

Apple Store App let it snow Screenshot

In November, Apple also released its annual holiday season special advertisement that chronicles a little girl’s journey saving a snowman called Simon through the changing seasons. Named ‘Saving Simon’, the ad is directed by Oscar-nominated duo Jason Reitman and his father Ivan Reitman. Additionally, the ad is shot entirely on an iPhone 13 Pro. You can watch it here:

Do you enjoy discovering such easter eggs on the App Store and in event invites?