This Concept iPhone SE 2 Looks Like a Smaller iPhone 11

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Dec 2019

iPhone SE 2 Concept

Apple might not sell the iPhone SE officially but it still continues to be extremely popular despite its small form factor and dated internals. In fact, it is the small form factor of the iPhone SE that has made it so popular among a group of customers. So, how will an iPhone SE 2 look like with specs and design that’s more suited to this day and age? That’s what a concept video from designer Hubert Jarechowicz has envisioned.

The concept video sees the iPhone SE 2 launching in 2020 with a bigger bezel-less display akin to the iPhone 11 Pro. The phone also packs a dual-camera system at the rear along with a chassis design that’s very similar to the existing iPhone SE.

The concept creator envisions Apple offering the iPhone SE 2 in the Midnight Green color as the iPhone 11 Pro series. This helps gives the phone a very modern look and feel that’s in line with the design language of the iPhone 11 Pro series.

While we see many outlandish concepts from time to time, this one is more realistic in nature. Perhaps the only outlandish part of this concept iPhone SE 2 is the mini headphone jack and the bezel-less display. The headphone jack is all but gone from iPhone’s lineup and Apple is unlikely to retain it for the iPhone SE 2.

There are rumors of Apple launching the iPhone SE 2 next year with an iPhone 8-like design, updated internals, 3GB RAM, Touch ID, A13 Bionic chip, and more. The refresh will also see Apple increase the display size. It is expected to carry a starting price tag of $399.