Data Suggests Majority of U.S. Teens Rely on iMessage for Their Messaging Needs

BY Chethan Rao

Published 21 Aug 2017

Fam - iMessage App Store

A new data report, posted by the CEO of Fam, Giuseppe Stuto, discusses how Apple’s default messaging platform is one of the most commonly used social apps in the U.S., especially among teens. Fam is a group video chat app based on iMessage developed by Smack Inc. The company recently raised $1.8 million for this video chat app.

Stuto talks about the trend particularly among the American teens, and not the world. He mentions that people usually misconstrue iMessage as an app that merely sends text messages (SMS), but since the app comes by default on iPhones, most users are bound to use it every day. He further mentions that nearly 75% of the youth in the U.S. have an iPhone. Naturally, Stuto remains fairly optimistic about the growth of iMessage as a platform, since the company he runs expects to make a living off of it.

As per data from 2016, over 2.1 billion messages are sent on iMessage every day in the U.S., compared to Facebook Messenger’s 1.5 billion and Snapchat’s 900 million. Although the trend appears to have changed slightly in 2017, with Snapchat reportedly handling 3 billion snaps/messages every day, this data from last year remains relevant. Stuto thus makes a very good case for the growth of Fam over the coming months. iOS 11 will bring deeper iMessage integration with 3rd party apps and also offer easier access to the users, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

It is important to note that there is no precise data to suggest the number of messages sent by teens in the U.S., but given the number of messages sent via iMessage on a regular basis, it can be concluded that a majority of them come from teens. Fam can be downloaded from the App Store to make group video calls within iMessage.

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