Photos Show Apple Watch Prototype in Feature Phone-Like Security Case

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 13 Jun 2021

apple watch prototype 38mm model

Apple is known to be secretive about its upcoming products that are under development. A report published recently claimed that Apple hid some of the iOS 15 features from different engineering departments. Now, some images of the first-generation Apple Watch prototype have surfaced on the internet showcasing Apple Watch in a feature phone-like Security Case.

The images were shared by Apple Demo on Twitter. They show Apple Watch in a ‘Security Case.’ Similar images of the Watch were shared by the same user back in September 2020, when we got our first glance at the iPod nano-like Security Case. Apple Demo says that Apple used the Security Case to ‘protect’ the design of its first smartwatch.

The Watch also seems to be running pre-watchOS software, something we’ve seen before. However, the images reveal a new feature phone-like security case for the Watch. The smaller 38mm version of the Apple Watch is concealed in a brick phone-like security case.

It seems that Apple used two different security cases to distinguish between the 38mm and 42mm variants of the Apple Watch.

The user claims that Apple added these cases to the Watch to hide the product in plain sight during transportation. It seems that the prototype was used by Apple to test the software. Even the box also has the label “Confidential.” Moreover, it has plenty of warnings about unauthorized use, and the device not intended for sale.

This is not the first time photos of the first generation Apple Watch have leaked. In 2020, Giulio Zompetti managed to get his hands on six different Apple Watch prototypes.  A report from 2015 claimed that one of the first prototypes of the Apple Watch was just an iPhone rigged to a “very nicely designed” velcro strap.

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