Check Out This Awesome GameBoy Modded to Work as Apple TV Remote

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 3 Feb 2021

gameboy apple tv remote

Earlier this week, we saw how someone modded a 17-year old iPod classic to play Spotify. A YouTuber has turned the iconic Nintendo GameBoy Color into Apple TV remote thanks to the IR sensor and convenient button placement this time around.

Thankfully, the GameBoy Color remote for Apple TV doesn’t lose any features. It also comes with a new backlit display with increased brightness and added clarity. What’s more, the GameBoy Color remote comes dressed in a white case and also sports an Apple logo at the back.


As expected, a lot of work has gone into turning the GameBoy Color into an Apple TV remote. The YouTuber had to create a cartridge with different software that will help run the Apple TV remote. Typically you need to buy a new game cartridge for every new game, and it is also called ROM. The YouTuber created his own ROM that could talk to the IR sensor. This way, Apple TV can recognize the IR sensor. Furthermore, he has also mapped the d-pad and other buttons to work with Apple TV.

Apple offers both IR and Bluetooth support for Apple TV. The custom Gameboy Apple TV remote is sure to delight Nintendo loyalists. Furthermore, it looks like a great DIY project. Reviewers often complain about how the Apple TV remote is not easy to use. We wonder if the Gameboy mod makes it any better, if not worse!

Lastly, the YouTuber, Climan thanks Gameboy developer community that helped him create the custom ROM. Please be sure to turn on subtitles as the video is in Italian.

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