Google Assistant Can Now Locate Your Lost iPhone Even in Silent Mode

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 14 Apr 2021

Google’s new feature will help locate your lost iPhone. Finding a lost/misplaced phone has always been a hassle. Most of the time, we keep our phone in Silent mode are unable to ring the same. Today Google Assistant has announced a new feature that will help you locate lost iPhone even in Silent Mode.

Until now, only Android users could locate a lost phone with Google Assistant. The feature is now rolling out for iPhone. Next time you misplace your phone just as Google Assistant to locate it. The feature works only if you have installed the Google Home app and connected to a Google smart speaker.

All one needs to do is say, “Hey Google, find my phone” via Google smart speaker. Once triggered Google Home app sends a critical iOS alert on the iPhone. These Critical alerts can bypass Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode. Typically Apple allows apps to use critical alerts. However, such apps require approval from Apple, and it seems like Google has already got one.

Google Assistant also gets “Assistant Routines,” This feature is very similar to Siri Shortcuts on iOS and lets you stack multiple commands and create a routine. Once done, you can trigger the series of actions with a single command. Furthermore, the update also adds a new feature that makes it easier to order takeout from partner restaurants.

The Find My app on iOS is very effective in tracking/managing lost devices. You can look for your iPhone on a map, mark it as lost, and remotely erase the device. That being said, it is always good to have a feature that helps locate iPhone when misplaced in places like a house or an office.

[via Google]