Have More Fun With Your Photos With This Morphing App

BY Megan Lopez

Published 11 Feb 2021

Want to have a little more fun with your photos? Morph Age: Image Morphing and Warping for Mac can help with that. This app is dedicated to helping you morph and warp images on macOS and you can even save your results in video form. Create stunning morphing animations from humans, animals or object with just a few simple clicks. And though this innovative app typically costs $49, it’s available now for 60% off in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub at just $19.95.

All you need to do to start having fun with Morph Age is pick two or more photos. From there you’ll be able to define curves on matching features in each image and preview the real-time changes until you’re satisfied and ready to export the morphing as either a film or multiple images. The possibilities are as wide as your imagination, as you can work from a single image to create special effects by warping and colorizing it, or animate warp curves independently to make only certain parts of thee image move in certain styles and paces. Once you start morphing your photos you’ll quickly find out why MacUpdate gave this amazing app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Start morphing photos ASAP with Morph Age: Image Morphing & Warping for Mac. It’s available now for just $19.95 in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.