How To Find Out Which Apple Watch Model You Own

BY Darryl

Published 9 Dec 2022

How To Find Out Which Apple Watch Model You Own

The Apple Watch has a distinctive look from all other wearables. However, most Apple Watches look very similar and have minor physical differences. The only exception to this rule is the Apple Watch Ultra. 

Now, if you’re looking to sell your Apple Watch or buy accessories, you’ll need to know the exact model name and number. This guide will take you through all the steps to help identify which Apple Watch Model you own. 

1. Check the Bill or Box

Whenever you buy a new product, you should store the bill and the box safely. The former comes in handy when making warranty claims, and the latter is helpful if you want to sell the device in the future. However, a bill or the box also comes in handy when figuring out the details of the device you own. 

So, a quick look at the bill will list all the device details. You can check for further information under the My Orders section if you’ve misplaced the invoice but ordered your Apple Watch from the Apple Store or any other e-commerce platform online. 

You can also check the box of the Apple Watch as it has all the details about the product printed on the back. However, if you’ve misplaced the bill and the box, head to the next step. 

2. Check the Back of Your Apple Watch

The next most straightforward method is to check the back of your Apple Watch. The engravings on the back include details like Series Number, Case Size, Case Material, etc. All you need to do is remove your Apple Watch, flip it around and check for these details on the back. Apple Watch Back

The back of the Apple Watch will also have information if the Apple Watch supports cellular connectivity. Moreover, you can look at the Digital Crown of your Apple Watch, and if it has a red ring around it, it is GPS + Cellular. If not, it is GPS Only. 

3. Using Your Apple ID

Most smartwatches are smartphone accessories. However, the Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory. To use an Apple Watch, you need to pair it with an iPhone. You can not set up an Apple Watch using any other Apple device.  

So whenever you pair it with your iPhone, the Apple ID registered to your iPhone will also be added to the Apple Watch, and both products will use the same Apple ID. 

Now, all devices paired to your Apple ID are available within the settings of your iPhone. In the same place, you will also find all the details about your Apple Watch. Find Which Apple Watch You Own Using Apple ID

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen. 

Step 3: All devices linked with your Apple ID will appear at the bottom. Scroll down and select Your Name Apple Watch

Step 4: The following screen will be the Device Info page, which will have all the details regarding the Model Name, watchOS Version, Serial Number, and IMEI

4. Using the Apple Watch App

The Watch app has all the details about your Apple Watch. To check the exact model you own, you can check the model number in it and then correspond it with Apple’s website, which lists every model number alongside the Model Name. Note that this method only works if the iPhone is paired with the Apple Watch. Check Your Apple Watch Model Number Using the Apple Watch App

Step 1: Open the Watch App on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Tap General and then head to About.

Step 3: Scroll down on the About page, and you will see all the details, like the Model Name, Serial Number, etc., listed there. 

Step 4: The Number beside the Model option is the SKU Code. Tap on it, and the actual Model Number will appear. All the Model Numbers are led by a capital “A,” followed by four numbers. 

Step 5: Note that Model Number or long-press and copy it. 

Step 6: You can match the Model Number on Apple’s website or paste the Model Number into Safari, and the search results will display your Apple Watch Model.

No More Confusion

Even though all the Apple Watches look pretty familiar, following the steps mentioned above can help you figure out which exact model you own. Once you know which Apple Watch model you own, make sure to check out all the new watchOS 9 features to get the most out of your wearable. Also, if you’re having trouble identifying your iPhone model we have a guide to help you with that too. If you have any other doubts or know of any other methods that can help identify Apple Watch models, leave a comment below.