How to Use WhatsApp on Your iPad

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 25 Aug 2018

WhatsApp on iPad Portrait Thread

If you’re looking for the official WhatsApp iPad app on the App Store then you won’t find it, as for some strange reason Facebook still doesn’t offer a WhatsApp app for the iPad. It means that you have to either use WhatsApp Web client or alternative WhatsApp apps for iPad.

What is the Best WhatsApp App for iPad?

I’ve been on the lookout for an awesome WhatsApp app for the iPad and finally, I’ve found one. ChatMate for WhatsApp brings a native style interface to WhatsApp Web. There are a plethora of WhatsApp apps available on the iPad. Most of them suck. They give you the WhatsApp Web interface in a badly designed web wrapper and call it a day.

It leads to a bad user experience. When you’re using apps like this, you’ll be bombarded with ads and worse of all, the app itself is frustrating to use. Because of the heavy dependence on web component, it sometimes takes 3-4 taps just to open a chat! ChatMate puts an end to all of that.

If you’re serious about using WhatsApp on your iPad, you should plunk down the $2.99 asking fee and get onboard the ChatMate train. The app (just like its Mac counterpart) is amazingly reliable and a joy to use.

The fundamentals are the same as using any other WhatsApp Web client. The app basically serves as a second screen for the WhatsApp data that’s already on your iPhone. Open the app, scan the QR Code and you’re in. Now, just put your iPhone aside and continue chatting right from your iPad. And yes, ChatMate supports Split View and Slide Over modes on the iPad!

ChatMate for WhatsApp iPad Split Screen

There are no ads anywhere, the app is quick to load and there are no frustrating pauses when switching between threads.

Plus, you get some amazing over the top features. The Dark Mode looks amazing on the Retina iPad Pro. You can also secure the app using Touch ID. From Settings, you can increase the font size, change the wallpaper and more. The app is also prompt in delivering notifications. You can easily send voice notes, photos, documents and even view WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp for iPad Landscape Dark Mode

I wonder when we’ll get the official WhatsApp iPad app as the only downside is that to use WhatsApp on the iPad, you still need the phone even though the iPad already has cellular connectivity. It might never happen. Till then, use ChatMate for a surprisingly close-to-native WhatsApp experience on your iPad.

Download: ChatMate for WhatsApp (Download Link – $2.99)

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