WhatsApp to Release Picture-in-picture for iPhone Video Calls

BY Dave Johnson

Published 14 Dec 2022


WhatsApp says it will bring picture-in-picture support for video calls on iPhone next year. 

Before now, iPhone users making video calls on WhatsApp had to remain within the app to avoid pausing the feed. Since the app didn’t have picture-in-picture support, minimizing WhatsApp during a video call often resulted in a paused video feed. 

But that’s no longer the case. 

Earlier in the month, several beta testers claimed that WhatsApp was testing picture-in-picture for video calls on iPhone. Now, it’s official. WhatsApp has confirmed via a blog post that it’s currently testing the feature. In addition, the tech giant promises a global rollout in the coming year. 

“Now in beta testing and rolling out in 2023, easily multitask while on a call thanks to a minimized in-call video screen,” says Meta.

The company also outlines the various ways that WhatsApp has improved this year. Here’s a breakdown. 

Improvements WhatsApp Made in 2022

Earlier in the year, WhatsApp introduced new features for connecting as a group on calls. For example, the 32-persons calls feature allows users to start a video or voice call with up to 32 individuals. Before then, the chat app only supported up to eight callers. 

There’s also a Message or Mute Participants feature, which allows users to message or mute group call participants separately while keeping the call going. WhatsApp also introduced call links to enable users to invite people to a group call by sharing a call link. Other features include: 

  • Colorful waveforms: Now, you can easily see who is speaking if their camera is off
  • End-to-end encryption: All calls are encrypted to protect users’ privacy and safety.
  • In-call banner notifications: See when someone new joins a group call

Despite these improvements, picture-in-picture may be the most anticipated update to the chat app. Be that as it may, Meta did not disclose a release date for the picture-in-picture support for iPhone video calls. 

The company only promised that it should arrive sometime next year.