WhatsApp for iPhone Could Soon Allow Editing Sent Messages

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 1 Jun 2022

WhatsApp Pexels

To this day, Twitter lacks an Edit button for tweets. A recent report indicates that WhatsApp for iPhone could gain the ability to edit messages probably before Twitter does. The feature could be a lifesaver when you read the message you just sent and come across embarrassing typos and missed details.

Around five years ago, WhatsApp introduced a feature using which you can delete messages after they are sent. You could copy the text of a message you want to edit, delete it for the recipient, edit it, and then resend it. However, this process is rather cumbersome, and an edit button would be a welcome addition.

According to a recent report from WhatsApp beta feature tracking platform WABetaInfo, an edit button is finally in the works. For now, the report claims WhatsApp doesn’t plan to include an edit history to check older versions of the edited message.

WhatsApp edit messages

Moreover, details about the implementation are scarce. It is unknown whether or not users will be able to edit their messages only for a specific time after sending them. It is likely there will be a limited window because when the ability to delete messages was introduced, users had seven minutes to delete messages before the option was disabled.

Although the screenshots were captured on an Android device, WABetaInfo confirms that the edit button for messages is being developed for the iPhone app and desktop version. To use the button, users would just need to tap and hold the message to bring up a contextual menu. A new Edit button should show up in the menu alongside options such as Info and Copy.

One would consider an edit option a necessity on an instant messaging platform. Several mainstream WhatsApp rivals like Slack, Skype, and Telegram allow users to edit messages. However, other messaging platforms used by WhatsApp’s parent firm Meta Inc. also lack an edit button. Instagram only lets you unsend messages, just like Messenger. WhatsApp seems to be catching up to its rivals with recent inclusions such as a message reactions feature.

[Via WABetaInfo]