Intel Highlights M1 Macs Shortcomings in New Ad Campaign

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Feb 2021

Intel has launched a new #GoPC ad campaign showing how Intel-based Windows PCs are better than Apple’s M1 Macs. The company has shared some tweets on Twitter taking a potshot at non-Windows PCs.

In one ad, Intel highlights that only a PC can power scientists and gamers alike. The accompanying image says that “You can power a rocket launch and launch Rocket League, you’re not on a Mac. In another similar tweet that was shared last week, Intel says “If you can flip through Photoshop thumbnails with your actual thumb, you’re not on a Mac. In both instances, the tweets link to a promotional video from YouTuber Jon Rettinger who compares the Intel-based laptops to M1 Macs. Being a sponsored video, it primarily shows instances which put the M1 Macs at a disadvantage.

Intel had last week shared benchmarks showing how 11th gen. Intel CPUs were better than M1 Macs, both in terms of performance as well as battery life. In many instances, the company claims a performance difference of up to 2-5x, for example, exporting a PDF is 2.3x faster on an Intel machine and Al performance is up to 6x times better.

Even in the battery life department, Intel claimed that its 11th gen. CPU-based laptop offers similar battery life as an M1 MacBook Pro, with both lasting for well over 10 hours in a battery drain test.

Our Take

Intel’s marketing team is clearly trying its best to show their 11th gen. CPUs in good light. However, the performance and battery efficiency of the M1 Macs have shown just how far behind Intel CPUs are in the game and how the company had failed to deliver any meaningful improvements over the last few years.

One must also remember that M1 chip is Apple’s first custom CPU for its Macs and its primarily aimed at its low-end machines. The company is expected to launch new Macs with more powerful Mix chip over the coming months to cater to the needs of more demanding users.