Intel Mocks Apple For Its ‘World’s Best Processor’, Ends Up Showing a MacBook Pro

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 7 Apr 2021

intel mocks apple macbook pro world's best processor

In a new ad, Intel has tried to mock Apple for its ‘world’s best processor.’ But instead of showing an Intel processor based laptop, to promote its new 11th-generation chips, the ad shows a person using Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Intel has been on a marketing drive against Mac computer for the past few weeks. The company first hired ‘I’m a Mac’ ad actor Justin Long to promote its chips, and then it launched a dedicated comparison website. In yet another effort to take on the fruit company, Intel shared an ad, but instead, ended up making fun of itself.

The image was first spotted on Twitter by @juneforceone. It features a man using a laptop which is Apple’s MacBook Pro, which is clearly evident thanks to the keyboard and the large TouchBar. The ad’s tagline says, “The world’s best processor on a thin and light laptop,” and is meant to promote the Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor.

It was later reported that Intel had relied on a stock image uploaded on Getty Images. The image was indeed uploaded to Getty Images showing a MacBook Pro user using a Magic Mouse. Moreover, the person in the ad seems to be wearing Apple’s Beats headphones. Intel has since removed the ad.

Intel has faced fierce competition from Apple ever since the latter announced its custom-built ARM64-based M1 processors. Many also believe that Apple’s M1 processors are better at emulating x64 programs better than Intel’s counterpart that natively runs the x64 code.

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