iOS 15.4 Will Let You Set Up a Custom Email Domain With iCloud Mail on Your iPhone

BY Anu Joy

Published 28 Jan 2022


The iOS 15.4 beta has extended additional support for iCloud+, and will now allow you to set up a custom email domain straight from your iPhone. Previously, custom domains could only be set up with iCloud‌ Mail and you needed to login to Apple’s iCloud website. There was no way to configure it from your iPhone or iPad.

With the latest iOS 15.4 beta, you can easily set up your custom email domain on your iPhone by navigating to Settings-> Apple ID -> ‌iCloud‌ -> iCloud‌ Mail

iCloud Custom Mail iPhone

To get started, you will need to purchase an iCloud‌+ storage plan, which starts from $0.99. Free iCloud accounts do not get this feature. If you are an iCloud+ subscriber and own a personal domain name, you can configure your iCloud Mail to set up any existing email addresses that you already own, create new email addresses, or delete ones that you don’t need. They can be used for FaceTime, Messages, and to sign in to your Apple devices.

Apple lets you configure up to five custom domains, with up to three email addresses for each domain. You can also share your email domain with members of your Family Sharing group who share iCloud+ with you. Anyone in the group can add a custom domain and also manage the email addresses associated with that domain. You can also remove a custom email domain if you wish to. Once it is removed, all members of your Family Sharing group will not be able to use any addresses at that domain.